ESPN Firing Adam Schefter Over Leaked Email Scandal?

ESPN Firing Adam Schefter Over Leaked Email Scandal?

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter found himself at the center of controversy this week.

Just days after Jon Gruden was ousted from his post as the Las Vegas Raiders’ head coach over leaked e-mails from the NFL’s investigation into the Washington Football Team, Schefter became embroiled in a related situation.

On Wednesday, Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reported that in July 2011, Schefter sent a finished draft of an article about the NFL lockout that ESPN was posting to then-Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen.

“Please let me know if you see anything that should be added, changed, tweaked,” Schefter wrote to Allen. “Thanks, Mr. Editor, for that and the trust. Plan to file this to espn about 6 am ….”

Schefter has yet to comment on the situation on his Twitter account.

Despite that, many have begun calling on ESPN to fire him.

ESPN has yet to announce a formal decision on what will happen to Schefter.

In the meantime, Schefter’s issues notwithstanding, it will be interesting to see how deep this scandal ultimately goes.

The NFL reportedly seized more than 650,000 e-mails as part of its investigation into the Washington Football Team. That’s a lot of potentially sticky interactions.

Jon Gruden has already fallen for his e-mails. His son, Deuce, is also under the spotlight as a result of them. And now Schefter.

Who will be the next domino to drop? Time will tell.

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  1. I hired Adam Schefter at The Denver Post in 1995; I was executive sports editor.
    He had a vast RoloDex of contacts in the NFL, unlike anyone on my staff except Woody Paige.
    He was young; a non-player, he learned the game literally through his sources. He outworked everyone in our market, and on the national beats, too. It’s also why he’s been divorced: You work 10 a day; he’ll go 14. Everyday.
    He could not — right now — tell you technique-wise why it’s better for a QB to pronate vs. supinate with his footwork to keep the power of thrower central and compact versus duck—footed, whereby the power is exhausted, limited, because the QB is on his heels.
    But Adam will recite to you right now the QB’s contract terms and management’s opinion of the player.
    I deeply trust he wanted to “not be stupid” in writing succinctly about the NFL lockout in the exchange in question. This leak is solely to screw him.
    Allen is an approachable GM czar who is widely trusted. Adam showing vulnerability seeds trust for other news to come over the horizon. Adam has the nose of a hunting dog. Never burns bridges; will sit on small stuff (which I hated) to earn bigger stuff later. Information is power. Trust on a bear is ital; it’s everything!
    I wanted ALL the news and me and Adam debated his approach.
    His methods are honorable and ethical.
    Now he makes millions and is . . . Adam Schefter, a globally renowned noun for “breaking NFL news.”
    We’re gonna cancel him and kill his career for tactics that broke no laws or rules a decade ago.
    Today’s Liberal Progressive is America’s new cancer.
    Glad I am 62 instead of 22. Today’s young adult is spoiled and judgmental. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes … the leaker is the unethical coward in this case.

    1. I am no big fan of Adam S. , but your article is so very ‘right on top dead center” ( as us old men use to say in the 70’s) ..Take the totally hyprocrite yesterday on first take. Keyshawn Johnson talking about Jon Gruden talking behind other backs after they left the room. Can you imagine is you had Mr. Key’s comments, etc. ..
      I mean come on…..2000+ years ago, it was said, ” He that is without sin, cast the first stone”……….So all these
      Progressive Liberals who want their pound of flesh, they should first look in the mirror an ask…”How clean is my history”? Not what I can keep secret but in truth and honesty, what have I said and done?

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