Erin Andrews Reveals Political Leaning Ahead Of Biden-Trump Debate

Erin Andrews Reveals Political Leaning Ahead Of Biden-Trump Debate

Erin Andrews is one of the most respected and beloved sports broadcasters around. She routinely makes headlines in ways mostly reserved for athletes and celebrities.

Over the past few months alone Andrews has blown up for everything ranging from her extremely provocative photo shoot to her racy Las Vegas trip pictures with Charissa Thompson to her wild vacation photos with her husband.

Because she is so popular, Andrews also often finds herself facing scrutiny. One of the most constant questions about her is where she falls as far as her political leaning goes.

This week, ahead of the looming debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, some clarity on the topic emerged.

“I can’t deliver the news that Aaron Rodgers is done for the season without people commenting, ‘Oh, she looks like she’s so sad.’ What am I supposed to do, stand on my head and tell dirty jokes?” Andrews said previously.

“So for me to come out and say, ‘This is what I believe in politics, this is what I believe about what’s going on in the NFL.’ Nobody wants to hear that from me.”

For Andrews, it is a matter of being able to speak on a topic with authority. And when it comes to politics, she didn’t and apparently doesn’t feel comfortable doing so.

“I’m not educated in a lot of what is being talked about with politics the way that people on CNN or Fox News [are],” Andrews continued. “You shouldn’t be listening to that from me.”

In a time where sports personalities increasingly feel like they need to get more and more political for attention, it is refreshing that Andrews has opted to take the opposite approach.

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