Erin Andrews Reveals 1 NFL Interview She Deeply Regrets (Video)

Erin Andrews Reveals 1 NFL Interview She Deeply Regrets (Video)

Erin Andrews is one of the most prominent sports broadcasters of her generation.

And unlike Pam Oliver, who is constantly going viral because fans wonder if she is drunk, Andrews is generally praised for her top-tier media abilities.

With one exception.

This week Andrews spoke to Kyle Brandt of NFL Network and The Ringer and revealed one interview she deeply regretted: her chat with then-Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman after the 2013 NFC Championship Game.

In that interview, Sherman absolutely destroyed San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Andrews, for her part, wishes she could have that one back.

“I was so mad at myself,” Andrews said. “There were so many different thing I could’ve done, and yeah, I knew that it was going to end up that way that I was just so pissed.

“I love Richard, I loved him before that happened. … I just was so mad because I was like, ‘This is the coolest moment.’ As I said, we were in a meeting with him the day before. He told us how much he did not like Crabtree. So I knew he was talking about him but I knew America didn’t know. And I actually thought, ‘People are going to think he’s freaking yelling at me.’ And he’s not, he’s the man.”

That interview blew up so much that even celebs started commenting on it.

“As one of my girlfriends had said at the time, Chrissy Teigen tweeted, ‘Oh my God, that’s like us talking on the phone. Who was talking about you?’ And I didn’t mean it like that, but it came off like that,” Andrews continued.

“I’m so bummed because I wanted to get a third question, he walked away. I think Fox panicked a little bit because they thought he cussed. He didn’t. I wish we could do it over, but we can’t.”

Andrews has been landing the headlines a lot in recent weeks.

Whether she is opening up about the one NFL head coach she absolutely loves or explaining to Charissa Thompson why underwear is her favorite gift – it has been one thing after another.

If the past month and change is any indication, this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Andrews.

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