Eddy Curry Reveals How NBA Stars Cheat On Their Wives

Eddy Curry Reveals How NBA Stars Cheat On Their Wives

Eddy Curry was one of the more fascinating big men of his generation.

Between his stints with the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks, the money he was able to make (and lose) along the way and his infamous cardiac issues, Curry holds a special place for those who saw him play.

Beyond that, having spent a decade in the NBA, he has a unique perspective on the league that few others possess.

In recent months, Curry has decided to open up on some of his experiences.

Recently, Curry sat down for a fascinating interview with Michael Scotto of Hoops Hype. During it, he divulged a myriad of interesting tidbits. One in particular stood out, though: his recalling of how NBA players dealt with cheating on their wives.

“New York was crazy,” he said.

“The stories in Chicago were funny, but they’re pretty harmless. The stories in New York? That might break up somebody’s home. I can tell they had Philippe Chao and Mr. Chow’s. I’m thinking, it’s the same food and if you’re on this side of town, you go here. If you’re by the Financial District, you go to the other one.

“One night a teammate of mine was there. He told me, ‘It’s cool tonight, but from now on, we bring our work to Philippe and your wife to Mr. Chow.’ I was at Philippe with my wife. He was like, “It’s cool now, but from now on if you ever find yourself about to come here, you call people and let them know, so they don’t come here with their girlfriends.’ That was the craziest thing to me. It’s really like a code or a method to cheating.”

Curry’s story is particularly fascinating in light of how many NBA players are accused of cheating. LeBron James recently faced allegations. Dillon Brooks is entangled in a particularly ugly saga. And then of course there was the infamous case of Tyler Herro.

Cheating seems to come with the territory for a lot of NBA stars.

Is the system that Curry witnessed in New York still in effect these days?

Hopefully an active player will come out at some point soon and let fans know.

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