Eagles Players Come Out In Support Of Carson Wentz

Eagles Players Come Out In Support Of Carson Wentz

Two days after the Philadelphia Eagles benched Carson Wentz in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts, multiple players came out in public support of Wentz.

“Carson is my best friend. He’s my guy,” defensive end Fletcher Cox said.

“I’ve always had his back since Day 1. Jalen, he’s my teammate also, so you’ve got to support whoever is in there. It’s the NFL and we understand that things happen,” he continued.

“It sucks for a guy like Carson to be put in that position because it never just comes down to one guy; there are 11 guys on the field.

Center Jason Kelce echoed that sentiment.

“The moment he came in his rookie year, he transformed our offense, and that’s not just as a player — that’s him as a person,” he said.

“That’s the intelligence he brings, the athleticism he brings. The competitiveness he brings made a tangible difference in practice every day and on game day,” Kelce continued.

“So it’s kind of hard to believe we’re at this point, to be honest with you. This is ultimately a culmination of a lot of failures on offense.

“This comes down to more of a failure of every position, including coaches, to facilitate a functioning offense. That’s the biggest story here, not that Jalen Hurts is picked and there was some sort of internal battle and struggle going on with Carson Wentz. I don’t buy that.”

The Eagles are currently 3-8-1 – good for third place in the woefully inept NFC East.

Will Hurts be able to change the trajectory of this program? Time will tell.

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