Eagles Fans Petition To Bench Carson Wentz, Start Jalen Hurts

Eagles Fans Petition To Bench Carson Wentz, Start Jalen Hurts

Eagles Fans Petition To Bench Carson Wentz, Start Jalen Hurts

A group of Philadelphia Eagles fans have decided that their quarterback situation is untenable.

Following last week’s 27-17 defeat to the Washington Football Team, the fans in question determined that their current starter is not capable of leading the franchise adequately.

Instead, they want rookie Jalen Hurts to get the nod.

“Sign this petition to get Wentz’s bum ass on the bench until he can learn to get rid of the ball, not overthrow an open receiver and to also not fumble,” the petition reads.

“It is unacceptable we lost to the ‘football team’ having a 17-0 lead before half and giving up 30+ unanswered points and not being able to move the ball is retarded.

“I have sat behind Wentz long enough and argued with numerous people about him being a elite quarterback well I stand behind him no more! It’s Jalen Hurts SZN”

Thus far, the petition has accumulated 39 percent of its desired signatures.

The fan outrage is somewhat understandable. Wentz had an off day against Washington.

For the game, he recorded 270 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions and a lost fumble. He also nearly fumbled again, but got bailed out by Jason Kelce.

Part of Wentz’s struggles could be attributed to circumstance. Miles Sanders was out, the offensive line was battling injuries and Wentz had to drop back nearly 50 times.

The other part could be attributed to his lack of rolling out and making plays outside the pocket.

Head coach Doug Pederson touched on the topic Sunday, following the loss.

“There are opportunities,” he said.

“Carson’s a great outside-of-the-pocket thrower, and we understand that. But when we have 13 snaps that are second down and seven-plus – we didn’t do a good job on first down, whether running or passing the football.

“Utilizing an out of the pocket throw, a movement type throw when it’s 2nd and 13… I don’t know, maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. But I think you have to push the ball differently down the field,” he continued.

“Drop back, play-action, whatever it might be. Screen. But everything we do it obviously starts with the first down, and if you’re not positive on first down, it now affects what you do on 2nd down, then 3rd down, and 4th down.

“I would love to have Carson out of the pocket more. He is dynamic outside the pocket, great vision, and all of that. But we have to better on first down in order for a lot of those plays to take place.”

Next up for Wentz and Philly will be a tough showdown against Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams.

Wentz, for his part, knows exactly what he will be getting this weekend.

“Aaron Donald, he’s a monster,” he said.

“Everyone knows it. Everyone around the league knows the type of player he is and how he can really disrupt an offensive game plan. And so for us, we’re aware of that.

“Somebody we’ve got to always know where he is, but at the same time, we’ve got to execute, not play afraid, not play timid. . . . He is a game wrecker.”

This going to be a big outing for the Eagles. Win here, and Week 1’s struggles are all but forgotten.

Fall to 0-2 – and suddenly it wouldn’t be all that shocking if more petitions to bench Wentz started popping up.

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