Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love Respond To Trump Supporters Storming Capitol

Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love Respond To Trump Supporters Storming Capitol

Future Hall of Famers Dwyane Wade and Kevin Love reacted to the disturbing scenes out of Washington, D.C. on Wednesday that showcased numerous agitators descend on the U.S. Capitol. The scene completed a chaotic, disturbing 24 hours that saw LeBron James’ life get threatened by a deranged fan.

“Black people get pulled over and don’t make it out alive,” Wade tweeted.

“We can’t sleep in our own beds without being killed. We can’t jog without being killed. We can’t walk down the street with our hoodies up without being killed but they can do this?”

Love said something similar.

“An absolute disgrace what’s happening at the US Capitol right now. And a blatant example of inequity in how law enforcement chooses to deal with those involved,” Love tweeted.

In response to Congress formally verifying the electoral count that would confirm President-elect Joe Biden as the next Commander in Chief, a mob of angry pro-Donald Trump rioters attempted to seize the Capitol.

The agitators were able to breach the Capitol, reaching the Senate floor and occupying the offices of people like Nancy Pelosi.

As noted by Wade and Love, actions like the ones that took place in the Capitol are a disgrace and will go down as a low point on one of the darkest days in American history.

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