Dwight Howard Explains Difference Between Kobe Bryant, LeBron James

Dwight Howard Explains Difference Between Kobe Bryant, LeBron James

Dwight Howard was one of the best players of his generation.

During his illustrious NBA career, Howard played with big name superstars like Chris Paul, James Harden and Anthony Davis.

Two of his teammates in particular, though, really stand out.

Those two guys? LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

This past week Howard appeared on the OG Podcast with Mike Miller and Goran Dragic to talk about a myriad of topics.

One of the things Howard touched on was the difference between James and Bryant.

“They have this presence, and when Kobe walks into the room or LeBron walks into the room, their presence is there and you can feel it. Kobe was more so like a silent killer,” Howard said.

“He didn’t really talk too much. LeBron loves to have fun, he wants to make jokes, but when he gets on the court you know he can turn that switch, it’s crazy to watch. The mental aspect of it, LeBron is doing all the plays he’s like the coach, and Kobe’s like give me the ball and I’m going to handle it, and I think those are the two differences.”

Howard also admitted that, if he had it his way, his ill-fated first run with the Lakers never would have happened.

“At the time, I had actually told the Magic the one place I didn’t want to go was the Lakers,” Howard continued.

“It was no offense to the Lakers fans or anything like that but we had just lost in the finals to the Lakers and I’m like man, I want to beat Kobe. I want to beat the Lakers, not go join the Lakers.”

Howard’s days in the NBA are likely over for good, but that doesn’t mean he can’t share some fascinating tales from his time in the league.

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