Drew Brees, Saints Make Surprising Quarterback Decision

Drew Brees, Saints Make Surprising Quarterback Decision

Drew Brees, Saints Make Surprising Quarterback Decision

Drew Brees and the Saints made a surprising quarterback decision recently.

It appears all parties involved would be willing to have an arrangement that sees Brees splitting time at passer.

If this were to take place, Brees would essentially take a decreased role in running the offense as New Orleans prepares to make Taysom Hill the new starting quarterback.

The idea would have been thought of as unheard of if it had not been proposed by Brees himself this week.

Appearing on PFT Live on Friday, Brees suggested that this could expedite the process of turning Hill into the Saints’ new cornerstone.

“If I’m back, and Taysom’s along side me, call the plays that puts us in the best position to win,” he said.

“If that means Taysom Hill is taking 30 snaps a game, 25 snaps a game, so be it. I’m all for that.”

Brees confirmed recently that he is only exploring two options for 2020: he will either retire or play for New Orleans.

He does not intend to pull a Tom Brady and contemplate playing for a different organization.

If Brees does return, he wants to be considerate of the Saints’ future plans for Hill.

This past season, Hill saw his role with New Orleans expand dramatically.

As a versatile player who can throw, run and catch, Sean Payton has been getting a lot of mileage out of him in recent years.

In 2019, Hill recorded only six pass attempts but rushed for 156 yards and a score on the ground.

Moreover, he also amassed 234 yards and six scores on 19 receptions.

Brees is still playing at an extremely high level. This past year, despite missing five outings with a thumb injury, he recorded almost 3,000 yards and 27 scores with just four picks. His passer rating of 116.3 was a career high.

Regardless of what Brees ends up deciding to do this offseason, the Saints future at quarterback looks bright from here on out.

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