Draymond Green, Steve Kerr Explain Why Heat Beat Nuggets

Draymond Green, Steve Kerr Explain Why Heat Beat Nuggets

Draymond Green and Steve Kerr have come together to win four championships with the Golden State Warriors.

As a result, few are as qualified as they are to break down the ins and outs of the 2023 NBA Finals.

And that is precisely what they did this week.

On Sunday night, Kerr appeared on Green’s podcast following Game 2 to break down specifically why the Miami Heat prevailed over the Denver Nuggets on the road when nobody thought they could.

In Kerr’s estimation, expert coaching by Erik Spoelstra as it pertains to his adjustments involving Kevin Love and Jamal Murray played a pivotal role.

“You mentioned them starting Love,” Kerr said.

“That allowed Jimmy Butler to guard Murray. I haven’t talked to Spo or anything like that, but I can see them in their coaching meeting saying, ‘Murray is the head of the snake, not [Nikola] Jokic.’

“He’s gonna dominate no matter what we do. So we got this guy [Murray], this is the head of the snake. I think they just decided, ‘Murray is the guy we gotta stop,’ so you start Love, put Jimmy Butler on Murray. And then you saw they were blitzing Murray quite a bit and really tried everything to take him out of the game.”

After Game 1, a lot of people thought this series was done.

The main storylines coming out in the aftermath involved Paige Spiranac’s wild NBA Finals pictures and Nuggets cheerleader’s provocative private photos going viral.

Game 2 changed all that. Now it’s a competitive series.

As Green and Kerr mentioned, Miami made the necessary adjustments to really make the Nuggets work. Will the Heat be able to keep this momentum going in Game 3? An answer one way or the other will emerge in the next few days.

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