Don Mattingly Wants MLB To Make Some Changes

Don Mattingly Wants MLB To Make Some Changes

Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly wants Major League Baseball to make some changes.

“As far as rules go in general, we have to continue to be aggressive,” Mattingly said this week.

“We have to continue to put a product out there that people want to see — that has action and continues to hold our attention. We have to be open-minded.”

Mattingly watched a bunch of baseball this year after the Marlins lost in the second round of the playoffs, and he saw a lot of areas that needed improvement.

“I watched a lot of the playoff games after we were eliminated and quite honestly it was a little hard to watch,” he said.

“There was nothing going on. Strikeout, strikeout, home run. It was hard to watch. It tells me we have to find a way to make our game move.”

Will Mattingly’s calls for more action be heeded? Time will tell.

Jennifer Withers Hoey

Jennifer Withers Hoey is a former Business Development Manager who transitioned to writing about sports. With valuable connections all over the West Coast, she has used those contacts to break some of the most interesting stories pertaining to the Portland Trail Blazers, Oregon Ducks, LA Lakers, LA Clippers, Seattle Supersonics (RIP), and more.

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