Does Angels Star Mike Trout Take HGH?

Does Angels Star Mike Trout Take HGH?

Does Angels Star Mike Trout Take HGH?

Does Angels star Mike Trout take HGH?

On the heels of the Houston Astros cheating scandal, a bizarre new controversy has rocked baseball.

This week, Los Angeles Angels slugger Mike Trout was accused of taking HGH.

Seeing as Trout is widely regarded as one of major league baseball’s biggest golden boys, the report was a shocking one.

The allegation came by way of former Mariners coach and son of Scott Brosius, David Brosius. In a tweet, Brosius claimed that Trout was given an HGH exemption as a result of a thyroid condition.

Brosius’ comments were taken with a grain of salt, right up until pitcher Trevor Bauer seemingly told Yahoo! Sports’ Daniel Roberts that Trout’s HGH situation was common knowledge around baseball.

At that point, the story suddenly had legs.

Late Friday afternoon, the MLB Players Association released a statement announcing that no major league player has ever gotten a therapeutic use exemption for HGH since the installation of the Joint Drug Prevention Program.

Although the statement did not identify Trout, it was clearly released with the intention of debunking the HGH stories about him.

Later on in the day Roberts walked back Bauer’s purported quote.

“Update: Bauer now, through his P.R. people, tells us that he said or meant to say that ‘IF’ Trout has this exemption, he has a league-approved medical exemption,” he tweeted out.

“Bauer clarifies that he doesn’t know whether Trout has one or not.”

Roberts has since gone back and deleted all his tweets on the subject.

Trout is widely regarded as one of major league’s baseball most respected players. A three time league MVP, eight time All-Star and seven time Silver Slugger, if he was somehow abusing performance enhancing drugs it would certainly be big news.

That said, based on the shaky speculation and subsequent deletion of tweets that prompted this entire conversation, it is safe to say that Trout is probably clean.

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