Dodgers Set To Fire Dave Roberts After Diamondbacks Loss?

Dodgers Set To Fire Dave Roberts After Diamondbacks Loss?

The Los Angeles Dodgers appear set to fire team manager Dave Roberts after their embarrassing loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday night.

Despite entering the playoffs with 100 wins and seemingly poised to make a deep run, L.A. wilted under the pressure of the postseason. Again.

Somehow, even though the team literally experienced a situation where an old man tried to feel up some woman at one of their games, this is the most embarrassing thing to happen to the Dodgers in a long time.

Arizona scored three runs in the third inning of Game 3, and while the Dodgers were able to put two runs on the board in the seventh inning, ultimately it wasn’t enough.

There is plenty of blame to go around for Los Angeles’ most recent playoff humiliation. The starting pitching was atrocious. Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman somehow went 1-for-21 against the Diamondbacks.

But Roberts’ role in all this cannot be ignored.

In Game 3, specifically, Roberts just sat idly on his hands and permitted starter Lance Lynn to give up three home runs in the same inning without doing anything about it.

Literally any other competent manager in the game would have pulled Lynn as soon as he allowed a home run to Christian Walker to make the score 3-0. Not Roberts, though. He kept his guy in the game and, predictably, Gabe Moreno pushed the score to 4-0.

Roberts must be fired at this point. There is no other way to go about this situation. Yes, the players love him. But so what? He has criminally mismanaged arguably the most talented roster in all of baseball consistently. There is a reason nobody gives out trophies for regular season accomplishments.

The 2020 championship was great and all, but it shouldn’t be enough to save Roberts’ job. He is simply not a wartime boss.

Roberts must be fired immediately, and the Dodgers’ front office can replace him with anyone they want. It will immediately become the hottest available job in all of sports.

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