Dodgers Firing Dave Roberts After Embarrassing Loss?

Dodgers Firing Dave Roberts After Embarrassing Loss?

The Los Angeles Dodgers fell to the Atlanta Braves 5-1 on Monday night in Game 1 of the NLCS.

Outside of an Enrique Hernandez homer in the bottom of the fifth, the Dodgers did little of note in this outing. It was a collectively terrible effort, from start to finish.

Unfortunately, as the game winded down, Twitter decided that blame belonged to one party and one party only – manager Dave Roberts.

Following a disastrous ninth inning that saw Atlanta score four runs, Roberts became the official piñata for Dodgers fans across the globe.

Immediately, the calls for his termination began.

Will the Dodgers actually fire Roberts? Of course not. But this is the way the internet works – a scape goat is always necessary.

On this fateful night, that happens to be Roberts.

Game 2 between the Dodgers and Braves is scheduled for Tuesday.

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  1. Signs of the apocalypse: win 71% of your games, make it to the conference finals, lose a tie game in the ninth, and people want you fired. Wtf is wrong with this world?

    1. Its been the same ending for 5 years. When you see every Dodgers postgame and season end with leaving struggling pitchers in too long and yanking effective pitchers too soon, and in this case with a DH in the lineup, its just another straw for fans.

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