Doc Rivers Explains Why Clippers Players Hate Each Other

Doc Rivers Explains Why Clippers Players Hate Each Other

Doc Rivers Explains Why Clippers Players Hate Each Other

Doc Rivers explained why Clippers players hate each other this week.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Rivers suggested that a recent report about various members of the roster not getting along was blown out of proportion.

On Thursday, a column from The Athletic suggested that some team members were not big fans of the preferential treatment afforded to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

In particular, they did not like the load management allowances that both superstars received.

On Friday, Rivers met with the media and told them he was under the impression that his guys were getting along great.

“Like I’ve always said everyone’s not treated the same, they shouldn’t be,” he said.

“This team as far as chemistry has been phenomenal. This has been a joyful team. Other than injury this has been a joy to coach so far.”

Rivers also noted that the preferential treatment given to Leonard and George was nothing too extreme.

“Nothing more than anyone else gets. They all get special treatment. … I would say all 15 of my players get preferential treatment at some point and they’re going to continue to get that.”

While Rivers is no doubt underselling the legitimacy of the complaints made in that Athletic piece, there is also no denying that LA has had a very solid year up to this point.

Coming into Friday, the Clippers were 31-14 through 45 outings and sat in third place in the Western Conference.

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