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Did Tennessee’s Brandon Davis Shoot Himself In Leg?

Did Tennessee’s Brandon Davis Shoot Himself In Leg?

Did Tennessee’s Brandon Davis Shoot Himself In Leg?

Did Tennessee defensive back Brandon Davis shoot himself in the leg on Saturday night? According to him, no. But that has not stopped people from gossiping about it.

Late Saturday night, police were called into Uptown Bar & Grill near the University of Tennessee campus with reports of a gunshot. Upon arrival, they found Davis with a wound to his left leg.

Davis reportedly informed the cops that he heard a gunshot go off inside the bar, felt a pain in his leg and then realized what had transpired. He also reportedly told the authorities that he had no idea why anyone would want to shoot him.

Police were reportedly unable to find any shell casings or blood. According to their incident report, one officer allegedly overheard someone saying that Davis had shot himself in the leg.

Reports of that particular tidbit spread like wildfire on social media, causing Davis to come out on Monday and dispute them.

The youngster insisted that any suggestion that he shot himself was completely untrue, and that he had “never touched a gun” in his life.

Moreover, he tweeted that he was an “innocent bystander” minding his own business when the incident occurred.

Davis’ father, who is a lieutenant in the New Orleans Police Department, echoed those sentiments.

“He’s never played or fooled with guns – not even toy guns,” he said Monday afternoon.

“I’m a policeman with all kinds of guns in my house. He’s never been a gun enthusiast – didn’t want me to take him shooting. Didn’t want to learn how to shoot. Didn’t want to learn about a gun, and didn’t even want to touch my guns ever.”

To date, the only statement Tennessee has offered on what transpired was one expressing thankfulness that Davis was not hurt too badly.

“We are thankful that Brandon’s injuries were minor, and he is expected to make a full recovery,” the university said in a statement. “We are gathering information as it becomes available.”

Last year, Davis played in one game for the Volunteers. Prior to that he redshirted in his freshman season in 2018.

More information on this case will likely become available in the coming days.

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