Did Nets’ Kevin Durant Undergo Crazy Body Transformation? (Photos)

Did Nets’ Kevin Durant Undergo Crazy Body Transformation? (Photos)

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant is already arguably the best player in the NBA. Although Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr may have told him to be more like LeBron James, there are a lot of folks around the league who like him just the way he is.

Earlier this week, some interesting photos began to circulate online.

What did they contain?

A very, very jacked Durant looking like he was going to be a mix of himself, James and Giannis Antetokounmpo come next season.

The photos speak for themselves:

@2nbamemesKD built like Giannis now… league ain’t ready 💪 ##nba ##basketball ##kevindurant ##viral ##36SecondsOfLightWork♬ Off The Grid – Kanye West

The obvious question is: are these photos legit? Opinions are mixed.

Either way, Durant seems primed for a big 2021-22 campaign. Although he has been in the headlines a lot for negative things, like smoking too much weed and potentially creeping on women he shouldn’t be creeping on, at his best he’s absolutely unstoppable on the basketball court. There’s a reason he’s one of the few folks out there willing to call the Los Angeles Lakers out and explain in succinct detail why he isn’t afraid of them.

Muscular or not, swoll or not, jacked or not – Durant is a problem when he gets the ball in his hands. Will he be able to utilize his skill set to win his third career championship next season? Time will tell.

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