Deshaun Watson’s Plan For 22 Cases Against Him

Deshaun Watson’s Plan For 22 Cases Against Him

This past week Deshaun Watson suffered the first consequences of the troubling allegations made against him.

At least two corporate sponsors have publicly distanced themselves from the Houston Texans quarterback, and more are likely on the way.

Thus far, 22 different women have come forward and accused Watson of getting inappropriate with them.

All of the women work in some capacity in the wellness industry.

This week, a clearer picture of Watson’s plan going forward emerged.

According to Amy Dash, a legal analyst for CBS Sports Radio/FAN & Fox Sports Radio, Watson is reportedly attempting to settle the cases with all the women involved.

“Several sources telling me Deshaun Watson still trying to settle these cases,” she tweeted.

“Settling would be the best thing he could do, and could dissuade women from going through with criminal route. I believe Buzbee would settle for the right number.”

While it remains unconfirmed whether Watson is actually trying to settle, it’d be hard to blame him for it if he were.

A bunch of disturbing text messages and direct messages from Watson emerged earlier this week. Prior to that, one of the accusers made some very graphic allegations about him. And before that, arguably the most credible alleged victim in all this offered a detailed retelling of what exactly she had been through.

It has just been one blow after another.

Will these cases against Watson ever make it to trial? Time will tell.

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