Deshaun Watson And Girlfriend Jilly Anais Get Frisky Midfield (Photos)

Deshaun Watson And Girlfriend Jilly Anais Get Frisky Midfield (Photos)

Deshaun Watson’s Cleveland Browns faced off against Aaron Rodgers’ New York Jets on Thursday night.

The game was a big one not because either superstar participated, but because it signaled the start of the NFL preseason.

Although Watson briefly made some headlines this week over his interesting encounter with league commissioner Roger Goodell, what really stole the show was his frisky interaction with his girlfriend, Jilly Anais.

Despite being in the middle of a football field, the two simply couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Watson’s crazy last couple of years are a matter of public record at this point. He demanded a trade from the Houston Texans. Shortly thereafter, more than 20 accusations of sexual misconduct were made against Watson by various massage therapists. Countless troubling messages and images stemming from the incident emerged.

Somewhere along the way, the Browns acquired him from the Texans for a massive trade package. He was then handed a substantial, fully-guaranteed contract.

Watson was never criminally charged, though he did end up having to serve out a lengthy suspension for the first part of the 2022-23 NFL season. When he finally returned to action at the end of the year, he was a shell of his former self.

Now all eyes are on Watson to see how he bounces back in 2023-24.

Throughout everything that transpired, though – Anais always had his back. Her support for him never waivered, both publicly and privately. No matter what sort of backlash she faced over her outward cheering for him, Anais never stopped rooting him on.

Clearly their bond is as strong as ever.

What sort of season will Watson have with the Browns this year? Time will tell. No matter what, though – Anais will likely be there at every game screaming her head off for him.

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