Derrick Rose Explains Why He’s Not Scared Of Trae Young

Derrick Rose Explains Why He’s Not Scared Of Trae Young

The Atlanta Hawks defeated the New York Knicks 105-94 on Friday evening.

Atlanta went 16-for-27 from beyond the arc in the winning effort, which was the biggest reason the team emerged with a win.

The second biggest? Trae Young.

Young finished with 21 points and 14 assists on the night – further cementing himself as an absolute force in these playoffs.

One person who wasn’t too impressed with Young’s efforts, though?

Knicks guard Derrick Rose.

After the game, Rose made it clear that Young puts no fear in his heart.

“He’s been playing great,” Rose said.

“But I think we have a few more coverages. They was just knocking down shots … We wasn’t talking. We wasn’t making second — or I wasn’t — I know a few times I didn’t make a second or third effort to contest shots. If you’re not making them plays with a shooting team like this, there’s no way you’re going to win games.”

As far as Rose is concerned, Young didn’t beat the Knicks – the Knicks beat themselves.

It’s been quite a journey for Young so for this season. He went from being called out by Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash and having his own teammates badmouth him to being the single biggest driving force behind the Hawks’ electrifying playoff run.

Will Young’s lucky streak continue, or is Rose right to be so dismissive of it? Time will tell.

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