DeMar DeRozan Set To Take Discount From Lakers?

DeMar DeRozan Set To Take Discount From Lakers?

DeMar DeRozan turned down what was believed to be a $40 million contract from the Chicago Bulls earlier this year.

That has led to a ton of speculation regarding what his future holds.

This week, Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report suggested that DeRozan may take a massive pay cut to return home to Los Angeles.

“The Lakers are reportedly in the market for a third star, steady support scoring and additional shot-creation,” Buckley wrote.

“DeRozan checks every box as a six-time All-Star who was one of only 15 players to average at least 24 points and five assists in each of the past two seasons. While he wouldn’t help with their shooting shortage, he could help enhance the shooters they have (or add) by setting them up on drive-and-kicks or pulling defensive attention away from them.”

There is also a scenario where the Lakers and Bulls work out a mutually beneficial trade centering around DeRozan.

“Chicago has to choose a direction and should be interested in helping DeRozan find a new home via a sign-and-trade,” Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz wrote recently.

“DeRozan could field offers from contenders with cap space like the Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic, but would need to be patient and accept the fact that he won’t be Plan A or B for either. Going home to Los Angeles in a sign-and-trade with the Lakers could work if D’Angelo Russell turns down his $18.7 million player option (to get L.A. below the first apron).”

In this scenario, DeRozan would come home to L.A. while Austin Reaves, Jarred Vanderbilt and Rui Hachimura would head to Chicago.

DeRozan is obviously turning 35 years old next year, but he is coming off a campaign where he put up a very efficient 24 points per game. And this came on the heels of a season, two years ago, where he was an MVP candidate.

He could help the Lakers – a lot. e

Will DeRozan and the Lakers ultimately find a way to get on the same page? Time will tell.


Jennifer Withers Hoey

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