Deandre Ayton’s Role In Robert Sarver’s Suns Scandal

Deandre Ayton’s Role In Robert Sarver’s Suns Scandal

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver found himself at the center of an explosive controversy this week.

On Friday, reports emerged that a problematic story was being published about Sarver. The article in question allegedly accuses Sarver of “racism, sexism and sexual harassment in a series of incidents.”

This news just so happened to come days after Phoenix refused to give its former No. 1 draft pick, Deandre Ayton, a rookie contract extension worth more than $170 million.

Ayton has been rather blunt in expressing his frustration about the matter, despite the team attempting to explain the “real reason” they didn’t extend him.

For obvious reasons, folks on Twitter couldn’t help but speculate about Ayton’s role in Sarver’s looming issues.

To be clear, there is absolutely zero evidence that Ayton had anything to do with Sarver’s newfound woes. It’s all just internet conjecture.

That said, you can’t blame folks for linking the two events given their close proximity to one another.

Will Sarver ultimately be able to survive this situation? Or does a Donald Sterling-like fate ultimately await him? Time will tell.

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