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David Pollack Disappointed With Big Ten’s 2020

David Pollack Disappointed With Big Ten’s 2020

ESPN college football analyst David Pollack has not been especially impressed with how the Big Ten has looked in 2020.

“If the (selection) committee … put (Texas) A&M in there over Ohio State, I would’ve been OK — it would not have been the end of the world for me because I understand that the Big Ten put them in this position,” he said on Monday’s episode of the CFB Podcast with Herbie, Pollack & Neghandi.

“And by the way, I’ve got to do it because it just is what it is — how many times is the Big Ten going to change the rules, for God’s sake? I guarantee you, by the way, you can put it in stone — every Ohio State player will be on the field, every single one, despite protocol, despite anything.

“’Here’s our schedule for college football — canceled, we’re out, we’re not revisiting. We’re back, we’re only going to do X. You have to make, play a certain number of games.’ I mean, you talk about mismanaging and screwing up your stuff, bro — they did a phenomenal job of it this year,” he continued.

“And the Big Ten, just the conference — listen, we have to do this year by year. It’s a year-by-year conversation. The Big Ten is really bad — really bad. Like, Michigan (2-4), Penn State (4-5), Wisconsin (3-3) — those aren’t good at all. They’re bad football teams. So naturally, Northwestern’s better. Indiana’s better — a great coach and great story, awesome program. But it’s a bad league. And now you’re saying you’re going to put in a team that only played six games from that league in there, no out-of-conference? I get the gripe, man. I understand it.”

Will the Buckeyes ultimately be able to make some noise in the College Football Playoff and restore some dignity to their conference? We’re about a month away from finding out.

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