Dave Portnoy Twitter Trouble: Barstool Boss Hates Sports Now

Dave Portnoy Twitter Trouble: Barstool Boss Hates Sports Now

Dave Portnoy Twitter Trouble: Barstool Boss Hates Sports Now

Dave Portnoy sparked a controversy on Sunday when the Barstool boss revealed he hates sports now. Essentially unprompted, the 43-year-old media tycoon admitted this weekend that the thing that made him his fortune, sports, was not particularly interesting during pandemic times.

“I’m going to say something controversial,” he tweeted.

“I don’t know how anybody is into sports right now. It all seems like preseason fake stuff.”

Portnoy’s response was likely in response to the baseball or basketball outings he saw recently, as those are the two most recent sports to return to action.

Both the MLB and NBA have been holding games that are crowd-free, which certainly takes something away from the viewing experience.

Seeing as the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox were squaring off in a series this weekend, the likeliest scenario is that Portnoy was referring to that.

It like did not help matters that Portnoy’s hometown Red Sox got absolutely owned in each and every single game.

Portnoy’s critique of present-day sports was met with something of a mixed response. On one hand, it was retweeted more than 4,500 times and liked more than 48,000 times – which is a lot. On the other – some of his more ardent followers seemed to disagree.

These days, Portnoy appears more interested in stock trading than sports. How long that shtick will remain fresh is debatable, though.

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