Dark Horse James Harden Suitor Emerges Amid Failed Clippers Trade

Dark Horse James Harden Suitor Emerges Amid Failed Clippers Trade

James Harden has made it clear that he wants the Philadelphia 76ers to trade him.

The organization, similarly, has made it known that it is prepared to pull a Ben Simmons part deux – even if it means holding on to its disgruntled star throughout most of the season.

For a while there is seemed like the Los Angeles Clippers might swoop in and solve everyone’s problems. Unfortunately, L.A.’s reluctance to include two role players in any potential Harden deal has rendered a trade impossible.

So where does that leave all parties involved? It leaves the Clippers out of the mix, for now, and Harden still searching for a squad to take him.

According to Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report, the San Antonio Spurs are a group to keep an eye on as it pertains to Harden.

“Victor Wembanyama may be destined to succeed regardless of team construction around him, but a playmaker like Harden could certainly soften his landing in the NBA,” Bailey wrote.

“Harden has boosted the offensive output and efficiency of several bigs over the course of his career, including Clint Capela and Joel Embiid.

“Getting Wembanyama plenty of the wide-open looks that Harden has generated for other teammates over the years could set the rookie up for earlier NBA accolades.”

Harden’s affinity for the state of Texas is a matter of public record. Obviously San Antonio isn’t Houston, but it could be close enough for an increasingly desperate star trying to escape Philly.

The Spurs have a nice young squad around Wembanyama, but a little veteran support could really help with his development as a player.

Whether Harden is the ideal veteran for that is debatable, but he is what’s out there at the moment.

Obviously, the easiest solution here would be for the Clippers to relent and give the Sixers the role players they seek, but it doesn’t seem like the front office wants to do that. They’re already seemingly moving on to their Plan B.

One way or another, it seems like Harden isn’t long for Philadelphia.

There is simply too much bad blood there.

Will he ultimately end up with the Spurs when it’s all said and done? Time will tell.

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