Danica Patrick Shows Off Injuries After Attack (Photos)

Danica Patrick Shows Off Injuries After Attack (Photos)

Danica Patrick, 39, was one of the most influential female athletes of her generation. She broke barriers as a professional race car driver and is unarguably the most successful female to ever participate in open-wheel racing.

As such, even though she is retired, whenever something big happens to her – it’s still major news.

This past weekend, Patrick fell victim to a scary attack.

According to her Instagram story, Patrick’s dog got attacked by some coyotes. In an effort to protect the pup, she stepped in.

“Mom coming in hot to save my baby from the coyotes,” Patrick wrote on her Instagram story.

“You should see my face! I’m looking for you coyotes,” she continued. “In the meantime the tree branches found my face.”

The photos largely speak for themselves.

Danica Patrick Shows Off Injuries After Attack (Photos) 1 Danica Patrick Shows Off Injuries After Attack (Photos) 2

Fortunately, aside from some scrapes and bruises, it appears Patrick walked away okay from the incident.

Patrick was and continues to be a fascinating character. Although her drama with Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley is obviously what she’s been in the news for most recently, there is a lot more to her than that. Hopefully as the memories of that relationship fade and the years progress she’s finally able to show that to the world.

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