Danica Patrick Shows Love On Twitter

Danica Patrick Shows Love On Twitter

Danica Patrick Shows Love On Twitter

Danica Patrick showed love to a fan on Twitter on Sunday.

This past week, a loyal Green Bay Packers fan went viral at the doctor’s office.

Callie Kessler, a big supporter of the Packers, was still under anesthesia when someone decided to record her talking about quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

A clearly emotional Kessler could be seen ranting and raving about Rodgers in a hilarious clip, which she later opted to post to social media.

“I guess you can say I love the packers even under anesthesia,” she captioned the video.

Kessler tagged the Packers quarterback in his post, no doubt hoping that he would see it.

Surely enough, someone connected to Rodgers did end up seeing it. Only it was not the quarterback himself – it was his girlfriend Danica Patrick.

Patrick, a racing legend and pioneer, took it upon herself to offer Kessler 400 popsicles on behalf of her and her beau.

“We would like to buy you 400 popsicles,” she wrote.

“Dm your address. We hope you feel better, but if you don’t, the popsicles should help a little!”

Patrick often does nice things like this for fans. While people had mixed opinions of her back in her NASCAR days, it is nice to see her get embraced for being a genuinely sweet person in her post-racing years.

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