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Dan Mullen Projects Confidence Heading Into Alabama vs Florida

Dan Mullen Projects Confidence Heading Into Alabama vs Florida

Florida head coach Dan Mullen did his best to project confidence this week heading into his team’s showdown against Alabama.

Because the Gators currently have two losses, it is unclear whether a College Football Playoff berth is feasible. That said, Mullen plans on taking it one outing at a time – starting with this weekend’s SEC Championship Game.

“We’ll think about that on Saturday night after we win,” Mullen said.

“I think it showed respect for us and for this league, the quality of the opponents in this league, the grind and the demand of playing,” Mullen said of his team currently being ranked No. 7 in the nation.

“This is our 11th SEC game in a season. I think that’s certainly a challenge. Other conferences haven’t been through that.”

As far as Mullen is concerned, Florida has played an immensely tough schedule.

“I mean, obviously, I’m not knocking other teams or other schools,” he said.

“But a team that has played [six or seven games] is going to be fresher, healthier this late in the season and probably have more depth than a team that’s on Game 11, that is trying to have to walk-through early in the week because … guys are banged up. You’re trying to keep everybody healthy.

“I think everybody that knows the game of football understands that. People that really know the game of football understand that. That would be my guess. I don’t know. That would be a question for the committee.”

Will Mullen’s faith in the system be rewarded? Time will tell.

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