Dan Hurley’s Wife Hated Lakers Job, Cried When He Interviewed

Dan Hurley’s Wife Hated Lakers Job, Cried When He Interviewed

Dan Hurley decided not to accept the Los Angeles Lakers’ offer to become their next head coach. Instead, he opted to return to UConn and attempt to win a third straight National Championship.

On Thursday, an answer as to why things went the way they ultimately went emerged.

During an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Hurley explained what role his wife Andrea played in the process.

“She was like crying in the beginning,” Hurley said.

“I think initially, the first couple days of it, she got violently angry and emotional, not like hitting me and stuff… She got emotional like, ‘I can’t believe you’re bringing this. Our life is so great… it’s perfect. Our lives couldn’t be better and now you’re bringing this [expletive].

Eventually Andrea began to deal with the prospect of moving to L.A. better, but it definitely took a while.

“So, she was bad in the beginning, but then she warmed up to it when we got out there and she met Rob [Pelinka] and she met Jeanie [Buss] and felt the weather,” Hurley continued.

“We drove around Manhattan Beach and just met the people mostly. And she saw the vision of it. She was into it. But then when we got back to Connecticut without having made a decision and we got back home and we both flipped back [to UConn].”

In the end, the Hurley family decided that the Lakers job wasn’t for them.

It will be interesting to see where L.A. goes from here. The options are pretty limited at the moment.

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