Dak Prescott Has Surprising Take On Cowboys Future

Dak Prescott Has Surprising Take On Cowboys Future

Dak Prescott Has Surprising Take On Cowboys Future

Dak Prescott had a surprising take on his Cowboys future this week.

Prescott, 26, is set to become a free agent this offseason. Dallas management has repeatedly stated that re-signing him is the organization’s top priority.

This week, Prescott appeared on the podcast of NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport.

Speaking with Rapoport about his future, Prescott indicated that he believed a deal would eventually get done between him and the Cowboys.

“I’ve got confidence something will get done,” Prescott said.

“We’ll just leave it there. Obviously being the Cowboys quarterback is second to none. There are very few positions in all of sports that are comparable to it.

“So when you put that in perspective, my mindset is to be in Dallas. And I’ve got the confidence in my team to get something done and the confidence in the Cowboys that we’ll be able to.”

Prescott did not specify whether he felt like he would get a new contract before the start of next season, or simply get franchise tagged.

“I’ll leave that to my team, my agents,” Prescott said.

“I’m not necessarily going to say I feel this way about a timeline or this way about this happening before then.

“I’m just confident that something will get done, something that’s good for both of us.”

The Cowboys have until March 10 to work out an official contract with Prescott. If they do not, then the organization will like franchise tag him.

A franchise tag would mean that Prescott would be on the books for one season for roughly $28 million annually.

Aside from looking forward to his new deal, Prescott also expressed excitement about playing for new head coach Mike McCarthy.

“He’s got a Super Bowl,” Prescott said.

“When a guy has that and he comes into the locker room to lead, people want to follow. We want to follow him because he has something and he knows how to get something that we want.

“With that being said, I’m excited he kept Kellen Moore on and excited for the other guys that coming on and part of the change.”

The Cowboys finished this past season with an 8-8 overall record.

It will be interesting to see if Prescott with a big payday and the addition of McCarthy will be enough to get Dallas to the top of the division and into the NFC playoff picture.

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