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Dabo Swinney Not Worried About Ohio State

Dabo Swinney Not Worried About Ohio State

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney doesn’t seem to be particularly worried about Ohio State this year.

“I think anytime that you are playing someone that you have some familiarity with, that’s a positive,” Swinney said on ACC Network’s Packer And Durham Show with Mark Packer and Wes Durham.

“You can look back at tape where you matched up and just like playing an opponent every year, you can look back at your last year’s game and you have different people and things like that, but you can still get a feel.

“Plus, obviously, you’re going to study their games this year. That’ll be a quick study for us. There were only six. So that’ll be a little bit easier. Typically, you’re going into these games, you’ve got 13 games to study. So it won’t be as daunting of a task there. But yeah, we’re familiar with them, they’re familiar with us and we look forward to it.”

Packer then followed up.

“Hold on a second — I’m not going to let him slide on that one,” he said.

“So you’re saying, so you’re telling me it’s a lot easier to prep when you only have six game tapes to watch? Is that what you’re telling me? ‘Cause I heard that. I was listening when you said that.”

Swinney then reiterated what he said earlier.

“Well, I mean, from a process standpoint, absolutely,” Swinney said.

“Because, like I said, typically you have 13 games. Like, they’re going to have to study 11 games. You’ve got to study every play — offense, defense, special teams. You’re studying every play. Plus, you’re going back to last year. So it does make it a little easier because there’s not as much tape to pour through.

“You can’t make it up. There’s only six games.”

Clemson and Ohio State will square off in the College Football Playoff semifinal Sugar Bowl game next Friday. Last year, the Tigers defeated the Buckeyes 29-23 in a similar situation. It will be interesting to see if history ultimately repeat itself.

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