Cyclist Who ‘Knee Punched’ 5-Year-Old Girl Learns His Fate

Cyclist Who 'Knee Punched' 5-Year-Old Girl Learns His Fate

A cyclist who famously ‘knee punched’ a 5-year-old girl that was standing in his way has learned his fate.

In a viral video taken by the girl’s dad, the cyclist in question could be seen approaching a child who was out for a walk.

Inexplicably, rather than avoiding the little girl, the cyclist opted to send her toppling to the ground.

The video of the incident speaks for itself.

According to Metro, the cyclist in question was fined the equivalent of $1 for his actions.

The Mirror notes that, in the eyes of the Belgian court, “the man had no intention of harming the girl and had already faced criticism on social media.”

The cyclist was facing up to a year in prison.

Obviously America is no stranger to dumb people doing dumb things, but this definitely isn’t a good look for the oversees cycling community.

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