Cryptic Colts Tweet Signaling Andrew Luck Return?

Cryptic Colts Tweet Signaling Andrew Luck Return?

Cryptic Colts Tweet Signaling Andrew Luck Return?

Is a cryptic Colts tweet by Jim Irsay signing an Andrew Luck return?

That is the question fans in Indianapolis have this week.

The Colts owner sent out an intriguing message on Sunday that left many loyal fans scratching their heads.

“Colts Nation- The Horseshoe is good Luck… between 2006-2012/6 short years… 2 Home AFC Championship wins and hosting a L.O.S. Super Dylan says”We can’t help it..if we’re Lucky”…and the beat goes on- Temptation,” he tweeted out.

Expectations were high for the Colts heading into last year. Many assumed that then quarterback, Luck, would turn the organization into a dark horse playoff contender – at the very least.

Then Luck abruptly retired, sending shockwaves through the entire NFL.

Without Luck, the Colts went 7-9 and missed the postseason altogether.

With that in mind, some wondered if perhaps Irsray’s tweet, which made mentioned of the word “Luck,” was a sign that the quarterback was possibly considering a return.

Others wondered if perhaps it was a hint that unrestricted free agent Tom Brady, who has been linked to Indianapolis, may come to town.

One way or another, Irsay will probably be forced to clarify what his tweet was all about in the coming days.

But if it is truly a hint that Luck is returning to the NFL next season, that would be the biggest football news of the year – no questions asked.

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