Cowboys Rumors: Jets Trading Jamal Adams To Dallas?

Cowboys Rumors: Jets Trading Jamal Adams To Dallas?

Cowboys Rumors: Jets Trading Jamal Adams To Dallas?

Are the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets working on a Jamal Adams trade? Things appear to be trending in that direction.

On Thursday evening, news came out that Adams had officially demanded a move from New York.

The decision was not particularly surprising, but it does speed up the timeline on which a deal may need to get done.

Back in May, Dallas was said to have had conversations with the Jets regarding a possible deal for Adams. While both sides denied anything going down, the sheer logic behind something happening made too much sense to ignore.

On Thursday, the Dallas Morning News confirmed that if the Cowboys traded for Adams, he would not demand an immediate contract extension.

That is huge.

Adams not demanding an immediate contract extension means the organization could theoretically let him play out until 2021 and then construct a deal at that point.

The Pro Bowler is currently heading into the fourth year of his rookie deal and carries a salary cap of a tad more than $7 million. New York also picked up his fifth-year option, which is set to cost roughly $10 million in 2021.

Last season, the Cowboys were reportedly interested in offering up a future first rounder for Adams – but were rebuffed by the Jets.

New York apparently wanted Tyron Smith or Zack Martin as well.

This time around, Dallas seems to have a bit more leverage to work with.

Will a deal definitely get done? Nothing is for certain. But things seem to be heading in a positive direction for a deal to get done between the Cowboys and Jets that’ll land Adams in Dallas.

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  1. And now, while the Cowboys have whispered about this being a back-burner issue, Jamal Adams is trying to change that – by putting Dallas at the front of seven desirable burners.

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