Cowboys’ Latest Offer To Dak Prescott Revealed

Cowboys’ Latest Offer To Dak Prescott Revealed

Cowboys’ Latest Offer To Dak Prescott Revealed

The Dallas Cowboys’ latest offer to quarterback Dak Prescott has been revealed, and it is big.

Heading into the offseason, team management has made it abundantly clear that re-signing Prescott and wide receiver Amari Cooper are its two biggest priorities.

Last year, Prescott and the Cowboys attempt to engage in negotiations over a possible new deal, but ultimately nothing came of the talks. Dallas has made it clear that retaining Prescott is a must, but the path to getting to that point remains unclear.

If Prescott and Dallas are ultimately unable to reach a deal on a new contract, the team would franchise tag him. That would guarantee the former Mississippi State star something in the $27 million range for one year while all involved try to work out a more long-term deal.

According to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, Prescott’s agent is currently in a holding pattern with the Cowboys as everyone awaits the results of ongoing CBA negotiations. The end result of those negotiations will have major ramifications on Prescott’s new deal.

Watkins also reported that Dallas’ most recent offer to Prescott for his next deal was $33 million annually a contract that guarantees him $105 million in total.

Based on the season he had last year, Prescott reportedly turned that deal down.

In 2019, Prescott recorded a career high 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns, with just 11 picks. He is legitimately one of the league’s best quarterbacks, and Dallas has been paying him pennies on his rookie deal.

Last year, rumors emerged that Prescott was looking for something in the $40 million annually range from the Cowboys. Whether or not he still wants that much is unclear, but obviously he wants a lot more than what he is currently being offered.

One way or another, a deal between Prescott and the Cowboys will come together. When it will actually come together remains to be seen, though.

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