Cowboys, Dak Prescott Talks Go From Bad To Worse

Cowboys, Dak Prescott Talks Go From Bad To Worse

Cowboys, Dak Prescott Talks Go From Bad To Worse

Talks between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have gone from bad to worse. All enthusiasm about a deal getting done is now gone.

Monday marks the deadline for teams like Dallas to use their franchise tags. Up to this point, the Cowboys have made it abundantly clear that if Prescott does not accept one of their contract offers, they would franchise tag him.

To date, he has not accepted any of the team’s offers.

That leaves Jerry Jones and Co. with few options. The most likely one is that they will do precisely what Prescott has told them he does not want them to do – use the team’s franchise tag on him.

Last year, Prescott recorded 4,902 yards and amassed 30 touchdowns. There is no way the Cowboys can let him hit free agency, given his talent. So that means someone is going to leave next week unhappy.

And that someone is Prescott.

This weekend, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler appeared on the network and said that Prescott getting franchise tagged was essentially inevitable at this point.

“Dallas made a second contract offer in early March,” he said.

“I’m told since then there’s been minimal contact between the two sides which is a bit of a concern. It appears this is heading toward the franchise tag for Dak Prescott,” Fowler continued.

“Sunday is big because assuming the CBA passes, the Cowboys will know exactly how much money they can spend and they can try to hammer out a deal over the next 24 hours.”

Both the Cowboys and Prescott entered the offseason with some level of enthusiasm hoping that a deal could be arranged. That hope has now officially left the equation.

Prescott will get franchise tagged by the team come next week. What happens from that point on will be interesting to see.

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  1. Why do people write this over dramatized crap? Nothing has changed and if they want him they will sign him. You nor I have any true idea of what is going on or how they are progressing.

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