Cowboys Cheerleaders’ Locker Room Video Goes Viral Before Chargers Game

Cowboys Cheerleaders' Locker Room Video Goes Viral Before Chargers Game

A group of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders saw their locker room video go viral this week ahead of Monday big game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Coming into the 2023-24 NFL season, many had visions of Dak Prescott and Co. being legit Super Bowl threats. It’s still early, but thus far the Cowboys haven’t really looked the part.

Fortunately, they will have the opportunity to change that on Monday night against an L.A. team that has similarly struggled to realize its potential.

Ahead of the big game, a video featuring the Cowboys cheerleaders in the locker room set the internet ablaze. Unlike the last time this happened, when one particular dancer’s private photos leaked out, this time around the situation involved the whole squad.

“Iconic backwoods Barbie DOLLY Parton aka dcc Dolly Parton she should be named that because she’s a QUEEN,” one fan wrote.

“Dolly Parton, oh my god,” another agreed.

In a weekend that saw Erin Andrews’ outfit to a game draw criticism and a Las Vegas Raiders cheerleader’s wild photos blow up online, it says a lot about the way people still perceive Cowboys cheerleaders for them to be able to steal the headlines in this fashion.

Cheerleading aside, though – Dallas is entering a make-or-break part of its season.

After the Chargers it’s the Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Carolina Panthers. Presuming Prescott and the squad can figure out Philly in the same way the New York Jets did this past weekend, that is a very winnable sleight.

That said, if the Cowboys suffer two or more losses during the stretch – their year is effectively over.

Dallas hasn’t lived up to expectations so far this season. Nobody in good faith can argue otherwise.

But there is still time to right the ship.

Can the Cowboys restore some semblance of respectability to the franchise this year? Time will tell.

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