Conor McGregor Gives Tyson Fury Gift For Deontay Wilder Fight

Conor McGregor Gives Tyson Fury Gift For Deontay Wilder Fight

Conor McGregor Gives Tyson Fury Gift For Deontay Wilder Fight

Conor McGregor gave Tyson Fury a gift for the Deontay Wilder fight that is set to occur this coming weekend.

On Saturday, February 22, Fury will square off against Wilder in one of the most highly-anticipated boxing matches in the sport’s history.

In the lead-up to the big rematch, McGregor delivered a special bottle of “Proper Twelve” Irish whiskey to Fury.

A man in the video can be heard saying presenting Fury with his present.

“I’ve been asked by the proud sponsor of this fight, Conor McGregor, to give to you a bottle of Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey for after the fight,” he said.

“[McGregor] wanted to say he was very impressed with your guys’ maturity for not getting things escalated on the stage yesterday.”

Fury clearly appreciated the gesture.

“Thank you very much Conor,” he replied.

“I appreciate it. I’m going to get smashed out me f—king face after the fight. If you’re here in Vegas, let’s do it together. Boom.”

On Wednesday, Fury and Wilder engaged in a tense standoff that caught McGregor’s eye. He was impressed with how both men maintained their composure even in the face of a highly-stressful situation.

“Big respect to both men here,” he tweeted out.

“Both jaw breakers in scenarios like that past. Without doubt. Maturity! Excellent. We are in for an amazing fight this weekend. Brought to you by Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey.”

One day later, on Thursday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned Fury and Wilder from any more standoffs for fear of what may happen as a result.

McGregor did not seem too keen on that decision.

“Guys, please relax here,” he tweeted out.

“Vegas commission, you are one of thee best commissions, bar none, for impeccably handling events of unpredictability. Place men between the men. Security on stage. Let them get one last look at each other.”

McGregor is obviously extremely invested in what will happen this Saturday night between Fury and Wilder.

Who will ultimately emerge from the bout victorious? That remains to be seen.

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