Colts Fan Proposes To Her Boyfriend At Texans Game (Video)

Colts Fan Proposes To Her Boyfriend At Texans Game (Video)

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Houston Texans 31-0 on Sunday.

Given how awful the Texans have been all year, the result wasn’t particularly surprising.

In fact, the most memorable moment to come from the game actually didn’t happen on the field.

Rather it happened when one female Colts fan dropped to one knee and proposed to her better half.

The video speaks for itself:

Naturally, with social media being what it is – everyone had a reaction to the joyous occasion.

In an NFL season mired by weird scandals and groupies exposing what Colin Kaepernick made them do, it’s nice to see a couple come together for such a special occasion.

After all, they do say love is the greatest gift.

Will this incident inspire more women to drop down on one knee and propose to their partners? Time will tell.

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