College Basketball Game Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

College Basketball Game Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

College Basketball Game Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

A college basketball game was cancelled due to coronavirus on Tuesday.

As a result of a potential coronavirus exposure on campus, one top-tier program has cancelled its upcoming outing.

According to college basketball insider Jeff Goodman, Miami (Ohio) called off tonight’s showdown versus Central Michigan.

In addition, Wednesday night’s women’s basketball showdown against Western Michigan was also canceled.

“Miami University’s (Ohio) home game against Central Michigan tonight has been canceled due to a pair of potential coronavirus threats,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Schools are being cautious and waiting for tests to return regarding two students who recently returned from China.”

Miami is currently investigating if a pair of students who recently went to China came down with the virus.

One of the students is said to have shown some potential symptoms.

Thus far, coronavirus has killed more than 100 people in China.

Despite that, the Center for Disease and Control insists the threat to America is low.

This week, multiple cases of coronavirus were identified in the United States.

America now joins Germany, Australia, France, Singapore, Japan and Canada in having live cases of the virus.

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