Colin Kaepernick Will Sue NFL Again

Colin Kaepernick Will Sue NFL Again

Colin Kaepernick Will Sue NFL Again

Colin Kaepernick will sue the NFL again, most likely.

Kaepernick, 32, had a highly anticipated workout scheduled for him last Saturday.

It was reported that 20+ teams would be in attendance at the Atlanta Falcons’ stadium where the event would be held. Kaepernick seemed to agree to the terms at the time.

Come the day of the event, though, Kaepernick called an audible.

Rather than participating in the workout scheduled at the Falcons’ stadium, he opted to host his own 60 miles away.

When it was all said and done, only seven or eight teams showed up to the new venue.

In the days after the event it was reported that the reason Kaepernick did not participate in the NFL’s event was because they could not come to terms on a liability waiver.

The key item that reportedly irked Kaepernick’s team in the NFL’s version of the waiver was that they would essentially be waiving the ability to sue the league in the future.

You will recall, Kaepernick’s team already engaged in a legal battle with the NFL once before and walked away with a settlement.

So why would it matter that Kaepernick would be waiving his right to sue them again?

Because sometimes the simplest answer is the most obvious: he might actually want to sue them again.

According to CNBC, “the blunder could actually work in Kaepernick’s favor if the Super Bowl quarterback decides to bring another lawsuit against the league.”

Why would he bring another lawsuit? Well, an attorney told CNBC that “all of the circumstances surrounding this tryout out really looks inauthentic.

Furthermore, he added: “The failure to reach an agreement with Kaepernick’s attorneys on the scope of the release. The timing. The closed nature of it. The disagreement over the filming of it.”

The NFL has maintained this entire time that the release they wanted Kaepernick to sign was very standard.

However, according to CNBC, that excuse doesn’t fly.

“They are arguing that this is just a standard release,” CNBC wrote.

“There is absolutely nothing standard or typical about the relationship between Colin Kaepernick and the National Football League.

“It’s one that is grounded in distrust and has a history of ligation behind it.”

Will Kaepernick ultimately sue the NFL again? Time will tell.

Is the probability of it happening much higher than it was this time two weeks ago?

It sure seems that way.

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