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Colin Kaepernick Will Sign With Bengals

Colin Kaepernick Will Sign With Bengals

Colin Kaepernick Will Sign With Bengals

Colin Kaepernick will sign with the Cincinnati Bengals, most likely.

This past Saturday, Kaepernick held his much ballyhooed open workout in front of NFL team executives and media.

The event was expected to take place initially at the Atlanta Falcons’ stadium, but Kaepernick decided to throw a last minute audible and hold it at a location of his choosing.

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At the end of the day, the final verdict on the open workout was precisely what everyone expected it would be.

Most observers agree that he still has solid arm strength and athleticism, but that his accuracy leaves something to be desired. He is not a starter-level player, but could be a capable reserve.

Essentially Kaepernick is exactly who he was three years ago when he found himself out of the league.

The obvious question in the aftermath of Saturday’s workout is: who, if anyone, will take a chance on him?

Well, according to Vegas odds makers, Cincinnati is the odds on 7-2 favorite to pick him up.

It makes sense, when you think about it.

The Bengals are 0-9 on the year and have no competent quarterbacks on the roster.

Kaepernick could come in and rejuvenate the team a little bit. And worse case scenario, even if he sucks, it’s not like this team could get any worse.

There is no guarantee that Kaepernick is coming back to the NFL. But if he does, he’ll go to the Bengals.

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