Colin Kaepernick Upset By NFL Super Bowl Commercial?

Colin Kaepernick Upset By NFL Super Bowl Commercial?

Colin Kaepernick Upset By NFL Super Bowl Commercial?

Was Colin Kaepernick upset by an NFL Super Bowl commercial this past Sunday afternoon?

That is what many are wondering.

In the lead-up to Super Bowl LIV this weekend, the NFL aired a special “Ragged Old Flag” commercial set to Johnny Cash.

The three minute clip essentially followed Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter and various other armed services members as they talked about their dedication to America.

Carpenter was injured in Afghanistan back in 2014.

Although the “Ragged Old Flag” ad did not mentioned Kaepernick, he was still the first person everyone thought of when it aired.

Kaepernick has been out of the NFL since 2016 after he started kneeling during the National Anthem before games to protest racial injustice.

“This 90% white people ‘ragged old flag’ piece is bullshit,” tweeted one person.

“This old flag was a wonderful slap in the face of Colin Kaepernick,” tweeted another.

“ICYMI: That whole bullshit flag segment in the pregame was about @Kaepernick7,” wrote a third observer.

“Because NFL owners are more patriotic than you. It was, of course, followed by the crowd doing the tomahawk chop.”

As is generally the case, a lot of people disagreed. Those folks really enjoyed the ad.

“The best part of the Super Bowl,” tweeted one fan.

“Inject it into my veins please,” tweeted another.

As of Monday morning, Kaepernick has yet to officially comment on the NFL’s commercial in any capacity.

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