Colin Kaepernick PETA Super Bowl Commercial Banned

Colin Kaepernick PETA Super Bowl Commercial Banned

Colin Kaepernick PETA Super Bowl Commercial Banned

A Colin Kaepernick-related PETA Super Bowl commercial was banned, it appears.

According to PETA, its special ad regarding animal abuse was reportedly turned down by Fox.

Speaking to TMZ, PETA said that their commercial featured animals taking a knee to protest animal injustice.

The ad was apparently intending to “challenge people to expand their concept of injustice to include humans’ injustice against other species.”

PETA reportedly created a commercial that showcased a version of the Star Spangled Banner being played over visuals of various animals taking a knee.

It was said to have been pitched to Fox as a Super Bowl commercial, and initially apparently got a decent response.

PETA insists that on Dec. 30 the network confirmed receiving the ad, and then on Jan. 3 it noted that the ad was still being reviewed.

Unfortunately, after that, Fox reportedly cut off all communication regarding it.

An ad agency informed PETA that the NFL had pressured Fox to reject the commercial – but that has yet to be publicly confirmed by anyone.

In any case, the aforementioned Kaepernick-inspired PETA ad will not air during the Super Bowl.

With 60-second commercials costing upward of $10 million in 2020, PETA will likely be able to take the money it just saved and put it to better use.

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  1. Sad that a beautiful spot with a positive message of kindness and respect for all has been sidelined, yet beer and burger ads will sail through with a green light.

  2. It’s a touching ad pointing out that everyone deserves compassion and justice, regardless of race or species. I’m not sure why an ad promoting equality would be rejected, or have even one person up in arms.

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