Colin Cowherd Predicts Patriots vs Dolphins

Colin Cowherd Predicts Patriots vs Dolphins

Colin Cowherd has been a huge New England Patriots booster for years. That said, this season hasn’t been kind to Bill Belichick and Co.

While Cowherd may be known for his preposterous hot takes, he is also a realist. As such, he s taking the Miami Dolphins this weekend to beat New England.

“I am going to take Miami -1.5,” he said.

“Here’s what I hear: ‘What about Tua against Belichick?’ What about Cam Newton against this defense, which to me is the first or second best defense in the NFL. Miami is 2nd in points allowed per game, 2nd in takeaways, 3rd down defense they’re 1st, and opponents’ passer rating they’re 3rd. What about Cam with no weapons against that?

“Brian Flores is the perfect coach for Tua in this game because young quarterbacks struggle against Belichick, but Flores is going to go ‘Kid, I was with him for seven years, this is what you’re going to see.’

“Tua doesn’t make mistakes. He may not have the talent of a Josh Allen, or a Joe Burrow, or a Justin Herbert, but he doesn’t make any mistakes. He has 9 TD’s and 1 pick this year, and he’s very safe,” Cowherd continued.

“I get a better team, I get a better defense, I get a great young coach, and I get a team playing for more. Miami wins this game 24-20, and we all know the Patriots stink late in the year in Miami.”

The Dolphins are currently second in the AFC East. With a win here and a little luck, they could give the Buffalo Bills a real run for the divisional title to close out the year.

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