Colin Cowherd Offers A Surprising Take On Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Colin Cowherd Offers A Surprising Take On Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Colin Cowherd Offers A Surprising Take On Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Colin Cowherd offers a surprising take on Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield in a recent segment on his radio show.

While speaking on The Herd on Thursday, Cowherd said that he would like Mayfield a bit more if he was not so intent on having so many endorsements.

“I watch these NFL games and I see Baker Mayfield in all these commercials when he’s not even in the game,” he said.

“Be great, then worry about your brand. He’s not great yet. Frankly, through two games he’s not even good yet.”

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According to Cowherd, Mayfield would be better off if he were more like Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

“Baker Mayfield decided simultaneously while he’s learning the game at the pro level that he’s going to be in 48 commercials,” Cowherd said.

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“Look at his Twitter the last month, they’re commercials all shot in the offseason.

“Do you know what Lamar Jackson did this offseason? I just looked at his neck, arms, traps, and shoulders –– He just got 10 pounds bigger,” Cowherd continued.

“He didn’t get distracted this offseason. I watch these NFL games and I see Mayfield on commercials and he’s not even in the game and there’s like 13 of them.

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“Be great and THEN worry about your brand. I never liked Mark Sanchez doing all the modeling stuff.

“How about you get good at football first and worry about your brand later? Baker isn’t even a good NFL quarterback yet. Why don’t you get good before you get cocky?”

Cowherd and Mayfield have had something of a longstanding feud, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon.

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