Colin Cowherd Is Done With The Buccaneers

Colin Cowherd Is Done With The Buccaneers

Fox Sports radio broadcaster Colin Cowherd has been a big Tom Brady proponent for years. That said, he is officially off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bandwagon for 2020.

“That game against Minnesota looks a lot different if Minnesota had a good field goal kicker. Off a bye, Tampa Bay had 17 first downs, 20 minutes time of possession, and Tom Brady completed 15 throws…

“Off a bye, and against an average Minnesota defense that average quarterbacks have run up and down the field on… Tampa Bay has one impressive win all year, and now they’ve plateaued,” he continued.

“They’re fine, and they’re not bad, but they’re not cleaning up their stuff, and this is why they’re inconsistent. I know Tom Brady is obsessed, but I know Bruce Arians has retired once, has the biggest staff in the league to limit the grind, and he did a good job as a broadcaster but never really fully committed and it showed.

“It doesn’t mean he can’t coach but there are certain positions in this league that are built for young guys. It’s too many hours. He’s got 5 and 6 assistants on the offensive side, and he’s an offensive guy,” Cowherd added.

“I watched it yesterday and they still don’t have an identity. All Tampa is is a collection of talented players.”

Will the Bucs ultimately be able to prove Cowherd wrong? Time will tell.

Charles Kruger

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