Clippers’ Paul George Reveals Lakers’ Biggest Weakness

Clippers’ Paul George Reveals Lakers’ Biggest Weakness

Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George is one of the most respected players in the NBA.

This week, the multiple-time All-Star found himself trending for something of an interesting reason.

Gibert Arenas, who has never been one to bite his tongue, spoke out on a recent podcast regarding what George revealed to him regarding the Los Angeles Lakers.

Specifically, George said that it is easy to defend L.A.’s other team because there are never any shooters you need to worry about.

“I asked Paul, I said, ‘When you play against the Lakers, how easy is it?’ And he said, ‘Oh, it’s easy. It’s easy as hell because the guy that I’m guarding doesn’t shoot. Right?

“‘So, now I become a defensive player because I get to roam. I get to be here, double… It’s easy to play against a team or a guy that isn’t going to do anything.’”

Obviously the Lakers understand that three-point shooting is a weakness for them. They rank 20th in percentage from beyond the arc and 27th in three-pointers made.

In recent days the team has been linked to a trade with the Golden State Warriors, a blockbuster swap with the Atlanta Hawks and something with the Chicago Bulls. Any of those moves, in one way or another, would help out on the shooting front.

That being said, it is also hard to ignore that this seems to be a continuing issue for the purple and gold. Even when they go out and add someone known for being a sharpshooter from beyond the arc, like a Malik Beasley or Danny Green, those guys tend to underperform.

The Lakers’ number one problem is so apparent that even rivals like George can openly identify it. Will they be able to fix it ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline, though? Time will tell.

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