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Clemson And Dabo Swinney Are Very Bitter

Clemson And Dabo Swinney Are Very Bitter

Clemson And Dabo Swinney Are Very Bitter

Clemson and Dabo Swinney are very bitter over how they have been treated this year.

Coming into the season there was a ton of hype surrounding the defending champions. Their dominant showing in the championship game against Alabama last year earned them universal acclaim.

Unfortunately, as the college football season progressed, Clemson continuously got downgraded in the polls despite not losing a single game.

The rationale behind the downgrades was that the level of competition that the Clemson was facing in the ACC was not comparable to the much more difficult SEC or Big Ten.

Whether that is true or not is debatable, but Swinney heard the talk, and he did not like it.

This week, he addressed that criticism.

“I’m not going to let anybody diminish what we’ve accomplished as a program,” Swinney said on the ACC teleconference.

“It’s my job to speak the truth and stand up for this program when it’s necessary.

“They want to throw us out (of the Playoff) because they don’t respect who we will play which is another joke itself.”

Swinney did not stop there.

“People who haven’t watched (our players) this year have missed a special time and a special group of young men who have played with passion,” he continued.

“It’s incredible to watch. These players, they deserve that credit.”

Is Swinney’s outrage justified? It depends on who you ask.

Either way, Clemson will continue to try to prove the haters wrong this weekend in the ACC Championship Game against Virginia.

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