CJ McCollum’s Surprising Take On Ben Simmons Debacle

CJ McCollum’s Surprising Take On Ben Simmons Debacle

The ongoing bitter feud between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers has captivated the entire NBA.

It has gotten to the point where even other players are weighing in on the situation.

The latest to do so? C.J. McCollum.

During a recent episode of the “Pull Up With CJ McCollum” podcast, the Blazers guard offered some blunt thoughts on the entire Simmons situation.

“I think we have seen a shift in players becoming more vocal, but I think historically, players have always been vocal about their happiness with their role, their fit or potentially wanting out,” McCollum said.

“This has been happening for a very, very long time. I think you have to look at that situation from a player empowerment standpoint, if he is kind of evaluating how he can be the best version of himself, he has a right to do that.”

McCollum also sympathized with Simmons’ desire to go to a team better structured around his strengths.

“If you look at it from a pure basketball standpoint, what he is saying kinda makes sense because he is best suited to be around spacers,” McCollum added.

“He is best suited to be able to get up and down and control the ball. Whether that’s the Sixers or someone else, that’s where you will get the best version of Ben Simmons and all that he has to handle.”

At least one superstar has publicly endorsed his team pursuing a trade for Simmons, but it remains to be seen where things actually go. A 4-team trade involving the Los Angeles Lakers has also been proposed.

To date, the 76ers have rejected two strong proposals for Simmons. They made their asking price for him clear and they’re refusing to budge off it.

Will a resolution ultimately be reached any time soon? Time will tell.

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